Fun things to do during a power outage

Here’s a few fun ideas if your power goes out at night Earth hour melbourne Make mulled wine or hot tea/coffee and invite the neighbours over if you can cook with gas Eat all the ice cream in your freezer Get your coat, go outside and look at the stars Play board games or cards […]

Why we donate Solar light bricks to people in need

We want to replace kerosene lamps with solar light bricks for many people living in villages for the following reasons. 1 Kerosene lamps cause very significant health issues for many families and are a great fire hazard. 2 Kerosene can take up to 25% of a poor families income when that money is needed for […]

Sustainable events

The Wake up on Earth blog and community events site begins next month and we look forward to hearing about your events Here are a few samples of the kind of events that could be listed on the site Speed Date a Sustainability Expert When: Saturday 15th September Time: 1-3pm Where: Stockland Highlands Shopping Centre, Corner […]

Eco Baby care

  When buying products for your child and if you have friends planning on children or if you are planning on more always choose strong durable products that have a long life span that can also be used again or that can be handed on to family and friends when no longer required. Check your […]

Green toys are now mainstream products

Non-Toxic Toys, eco friendly play sets, organic cotton clothing the list goes on. We always hope that your children have a good lunchbox for school and inside it is some organic fresh fruit and or some vegetable sticks plus a wholesome wholegrain sandwich. We do understand that even for some parents providing this everyday is […]

Great ideas for School

School maybe well underway and having a good lunchbox that lasts for sometime and is not made of plastic is a great way to start. In fact if you are buying plastic goods always ask for BPA-free products , but consider products made of wood glass or ceramics for baby

Stand up and step away from the computer

Details on Dragon Voice V 12 in Australian and Zealand dollars All other currency’s below One of the great advances in the new version 12 is a small amount of training that is now required. Previous versions meant more time sitting in front of the computer just training program to understand your voice. Much of […]

Garden care

  Just being in the garden can help you feel better and the exercise for many of us is vitally important. Reducing the amount of landfill by starting a simple compost system  or getting a small worm farm can be a great way to get the house involved in the recycling process. Hopefully you have […]