Eco baby care

Eco Baby care

Eco baby care


When buying products for your child and if you have friends planning on children or if you are planning on more always choose strong durable products that have a long life span that can also be used again or that can be handed on to family and friends when no longer required.

Check your products are

  • BPA free
  • Teething rings they are “PVC” free
  • Cutlery and bowls are “child proof “

  Baby and Child furniture

  • Has a guaranteed safety certificate
  • Strong and durable
  • Always buy furniture that is easy to adjust to different sizes and heights
  • Is easy to clean
  • Hygienic and waterproof
  • Is easily portable


Avoid polyester or other materials that do not breathe or may cause your baby discomfort

Cots and cradles

Many of the European designed cots and cradles can be extended into beds and they now even have excellent wheels for easy movement from 0 to 18 months and can become solid beds lasting from 18 months through to 10 years these now come from an excellent design process where mothers and young family are considered in the design process.

While these can be more expensive here the first cost is soon covered within a few years as you are no longer needing to throw away, sell or give away your old cot or cradle as it can easily be changed into a larger bed step-by-step over the coming years

Adjustable highchairs

The same applies to adjustable highchairs that can be used from ages 0 – 4 months and then onwards for life

Please contact us directly for more details as these are now available in

The USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, UAE,turkey, Ukraine, Switzerland , Spain, South Korea,South America,Portugal, Norway , New Zealand , Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy ,Israel,Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece,Czech republic, Hungary, Poland,Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.



  • Where possible choose  clothing that is
  • Easy to adjust
  • Stretchable
  • Easy to wash, machine washable  and durable
  • Natural certified organic cotton and bamboo products  that has been processed without harsh chemical colourings
  • Strong durable and easy to wash and dry
Sensitive skin

For children with sensitive skin choose hypo allergenic products such as bamboo wraps grown without chemicals




choose easily adjustable nappies with Velcro or another safe means of adjusting the nappy to avoid using safety pins

Other benefits also include

  • Cheaper than buying throw away nappies  – save thousands per baby
  • Easy to wash and hang and are great in combination with your travel nappies
  • Disposable nappies add to landfill and can be a chore to store and dispose of in small apartments
  • 100% biodegradable.  Bamboo clothing is safe for  landfill or incineration.
  •  Naturally regrows and the root system can help to prevent landslides and binds soil
  •  Fastest growing wood plant in the world creates a high yielding renewable resource


A nappy bucket with a safe lockable lid avoids all unwanted smells during busy times at home


 Baby’s Bottles

Always look for

  •  BPA free
  • Visible – Easy to find
  • Tested against US and European safety standards
  • long lasting



Where ever possible

  •  Organic certified
  • Fresh and nutritious
  • Natural and unprocessed



  • Sulphates
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Triethanolamine

 Also avoid products

  • Tested on animals
  • Contain excess processed sugars, starch and additional chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Artificial chemicals

 Outdoor furniture

  • Safety first
  • Light and bright
  • Wide and open so you can easily see your children


Safe and kind to our planet

Buying online

Look for free shipping whenever possible, as well as a 30 day or money back guarantee. Shopping online now the many mothers has been a new valuable tool especially in the early months when moving around the city can be challenging at the best of times. Spending a little extra time to investigate the brands and the materials you are selecting as well as comparing prices can also be a relaxing way to spend a little time on your child is sleeping when he was still awake after midnight feeding.

 Around the home

Become chemical free. This is now an easy choice and can be done over a matter of weeks as your chemical products run out you can easily begin replacing them with a wide variety of good high-quality environmentally friendly cleaning products.
While it might take some time to find the right brand to you in your family this is a great step forward in ensuring the safe and cleaner environment for all of your family and your home.

Many products are also now competitively priced online and can be delivered within a matter of days.


Looking after you’re baby in the first few months

Once your baby is fed and with a changed nappy they may be ready to sleep after some gentle play and within the first month this could be as simple as chatting together or a very gentle bath or singing a soft song.


Tips for settling your baby

Gently pat and always check the baby is not to hot or to cold

Re-wrapping gently can also help in the settling process

Checking the nappy again and also checking for wind in-case you child needs another pat for wind

Getting help

Asking a friend, partner or family member to help settle your child if your feeling tired can also help and this can be a great time to share with another adult and an important part of your day.