Fun things to do during a power outage

Here’s a few fun ideas if your power goes out at night

Earth hour melbourne

Make mulled wine or hot tea/coffee and invite the neighbours over if you can cook with gas
Eat all the ice cream in your freezer
Get your coat, go outside and look at the stars
Play board games or cards
Get your neighbours together for the night
Read books you want to catch up on if you have enough light
Go to bed early and catch up on some sleep
Plan your next holiday with all the family
Play shadow puppets
Make a list of all the things you don’t have you need during the next blackout

Be prepared for future power outages:

Keep useful items at easy reach – lights, torches, radio, matches, candles, camping stove and fuel,
BBQ and fuel, thermos flask..
Have solar powered lights with one switch (on/off) with batteries ready to use at all times
Purchase hand cranked radios, solar lights, and torches. If you need rechargable batteries, make sure
you have some ready to use at all times
Make sure you always have matches/a lighter or ignition source, a full gas cylinder for your BBQ,
as well as fuel for your camping stove
Check your pantry and refrigerator – make sure you have non-perishable food on hand, as well as food
that doesn’t need heating eg/ bread and fillings for sandwiches/wraps
Make sure you keep your mobile charged – keep a car charger handy just in case
If possible, make sure you have a landline in the house
Install surge protectors if you don’t already have them
Make sure you have a backup system in place for your computer – an Uninterrupable Power Supply,
or UPC battery backup. Easy to save everything and shut down your computer ASAP

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