Design, Green around the home

Green around the home


Design, Green around the home

Design, Green around the home

Giving your home a green spring clean no matter what time of year is a good idea where you clean out all the old chemical cleaners and then add the greener products week by week as you need them. As you may need to experiment with various brands to get the right product you like this can be a great time to ask others around the house what products they like out of the greener selection.

You may even get some extra cleaning out of those around you by asking them to trial a new cleaner in the bathroom or the kitchen, your kids may or may not love it the idea but remember to supervise any cleaning at all times as many of the green cleaners must still be used carefully and should be stored in a locked cupboard up high as with all household cleaners .


Paper products including toilet paper, paper towels, Napkins and facial tissues

Always buy recycled toilet paper and paper that has been made recycled paper.


Look for Processed chlorine-free (PCF):
While this contains recycled content produced without the elemental chlorine or chlorine derivatives, although one or more of the fiber components may have originally been bleached with chlorine or chlorine derivatives. Any virgin pulp is TCF.

A brief detail can be found here and more details are on the link below.

1. PCF; 2. TCF or partial PCF (less than 100 percent); 3. Enhanced ECF with ozone or hydrogen peroxide; 4. Enhanced ECF (ECF with extended or oxygen delignification); 5. ECF