Stand up and step away from the computer

Details on Dragon Voice V 12 in Australian and Zealand dollars All other currency’s below One of the great advances in the new version 12 is a small amount of training that is now required. Previous versions meant more time sitting in front of the computer just training program to understand your voice. Much of […]

Garden care

  Just being in the garden can help you feel better and the exercise for many of us is vitally important. Reducing the amount of landfill by starting a simple compost system  or getting a small worm farm can be a great way to get the house involved in the recycling process. Hopefully you have […]

Green around the home

  Design, Green around the home Giving your home a green spring clean no matter what time of year is a good idea where you clean out all the old chemical cleaners and then add the greener products week by week as you need them. As you may need to experiment with various brands to […]