We understand that “looking after the environment ” you live in means different things to different people and to :

  •  A Mother it might be as simple as buying baby gifts for friends and family made of Bamboo
  • A Grandfather buying his Grandchild their next bike
  • A student recycling most or hopefully all of the waste from the party last night
  • An executive saving the company thousands with a new energy policy
  • A farmer using less chemicals and planting more trees
  • A computer gamer posting a few pics of Earth hour on their green powered blog
For that reason we have grouped together a range of ideas, products and services that are useful everyday, anywhere in the world with  goals

Back to basics

If the only thing you take away after visiting our site is  practical ideas that help you” look after the environment” you live in then our mission has already started.

Supporting  and rewarding companies and business that create greener products and services

We are looking for businesses that actively review and change the way they produce products so that the production process is lighter on the environment and the price is closer to fair trade. Please send us your suggestions or recommendations of companies with green production processes.

Seeking your feedback

We believe where ever possible your feedback on the kinds of products and services you our visitors are looking for adds excellent value to the information we can provide you.
Your feedback maybe as simple as telling us about a program similar to local harvest in your country or neighborhood.
Sharing ideas such as how to clean your windows without  harsh chemicals or which products  from the Supermarket are greener,chemical free and are produced without artificial colors and flavorings.
Your suggestions may also be as simple as switching from plastic bags to biodegradable bags or advise on how to reuse everyday items or where to recycle your old phone.
We look forward to sharing with you  what we discover along the way  to finding greener and cleaner products and services.  We also hope you find an idea that suits you or one you would like to share with your friends or whit us.
We also understand you might not  be able to change your governments policies overnight , or you’re the transport system or the amount of rubbish some people waste but every time you make a greener choice in the supper market, ride to work or save yourself money and energy you are having a direct  effect on the environment and the people around.
Companies are just beginning to shift  and respond to your choices so lets make sure you have a greener menu to choose from


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