Power outage – a list of what you can do when the lights go out

A list of handy tips when your lights go out power outage

1. Sit for a moment – your eyes need time to adjust to low light conditions

2. Where are your alternative light sources? Torches, solar lights, headlamps, candles, crank powered lights, glow sticks

3. Turn off all appliances, computers and lights

4. Check on your neighbours – are they OK?
Do they have power? If so, check your safety switch.
Has it been tripped?

5. Check your mobile phone – how much charge do you have?

6. If your neighbours have no power, check the rest of your street if possible

7. Social media

facebook      twitter

look at twitter and google news for updates,  search twitter with “power out” or “blackout” and your suburb, check out your electricity provider’s website and twitter if available. Is anyone you know locally posting info on facebook?
Keep in touch with local friends via SMS/text message/twitter/facebook and share information
8. If you need supplies, ask at your local store if they have any info about the power outage

9. Is it meal time soon? How will you cook or make hot drinks if you don’t have a gas stove? Think BBQ or camping stove, have a thermos on hand to keep liquids hot

Plan for the next few hours – what will you need?

Travel – getting safely around your home, to your neighbours, the local store if required
Tips for getting through a power outage safely:

Be careful around candles, keep them away from flammable materials, small children and pets. Use other light sources if possible
Dress warmly – a hat, coat and gloves are ideal. If you are seated/lying down, wrap yourself in a throw rug or blanket
Gather in a smaller room to conserve heat
Make sure your appliances and electric lights are turned off – and shut down your computer
Keep your energy up – stay warm, eat regular meals, stay hydrated
Report life threatening emergencies and extreme storm activity to 000 Aus / 999 UK / 911 USA
If you are going to read – protect your eyes by using torches or solar powered lights – not candles

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